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THE TIME IS NEAR....In just a few hours, the first airsofters will converge upon the field at Command Decisions Wargames Center in Taylorsville, North Carolina. With 943 pre-registered players as of October 8, 2013 this year looks to break the record for attendance!!!

Many of you have asked and it is finally available! Yes, we are using the same video as we did in 2012. The online quiz is also the same. The rules still apply. EACH PLAYER MUST complete watching the video and completing the quiz. Once you have completed the quiz, please print out the certificate and bring it with you when you check in to Fulda Gap. You must have a passing score in order to pass through having to watch the video at the field! Also, save time by downloading the CDWC liability waiver and completing it. You will not get your player packets until we have a FULLY COMPLETED waiver for EACH player.

Online Safety Briefing video is now available at: http://youtu.be/WVyDFQH9bwM

Online safety briefing quiz is now available at: http://tinyurl.com/lu8z7pb

Command Decisions Wargames Center Safety Rule and Liability Waiver: http://www.cdwargames.com/images/waiver.pdf

Please check out our new Photo Gallery (link now on the navigation bar) which features A few pics from 2012 and TheHappySloth's youtube video production! We will add your pics if you send them to us!

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Register at: www.scenariosupply.com or click this link:


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